Internet of Things and Big Data applied to the railway industry, automated maintenance and prevention.


Internet of Things and Big Data applied to the railway industry, automated maintenance and prevention.

The Spectrail project, announced by Compound Semiconductor Applications, is an initiative in England that aims to create a system of preventive maintenance that will exponentially increase the safety of the railways in the United Kingdom through the collection in real time of a great deal of data on the state of the entire railway apparatus.
Through its multisensing platform of "Internet of Things", Spectrail monitors complex data from all rail routes, such as track obstacles, track temperature variations, soil saturation, pollution levels and much more.
The sensors will draw on both the existing fiber optic cable network and a new infrastructure that will be built to compensate for areas where cabling has never been made due to various technical impediments, one of these is often the presence of strong vibrations that alter the operation of the optical fiber, for this will be used the AP Sensing Distributed Acoustic/Vibration Sensing (DAS/DVS) system, a system that detects vibrations and captures acoustic energy identifying changes in the transmission of light in fiber optic cables, and eliminate any transmission errors.

The entire system is based on renewable energy, as it will be powered by Lightricity's ultra-efficient solar cells.
CSA said that field trials of the system will begin in 2020 at the Rail Melton Network, where the Rail Innovation & Development Centre is based, with the aim of detecting problems such as fires and safety violations, which according to statistics are very frequent, and to prevent serious accidents by taking action in the shortest possible time.
Safety in the first place is the main element on which Gesa Industry has always paid the utmost attention, aware of developing and producing solutions that require responsibility and safety for passengers.
Advanced technologies are a stimulus for the company, which constantly monitors new scenarios and developments that put people at the centre of development.


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