“We are a company made up of people, ideas, intuitions and passions, but also of studies and design skills, the necessary foundations for a solid, safe, innovative and technological structure. We have a financial solidity ready to support important development programs. "
Gennaro Di Sarno - CEO Founder


The exclusive specialization in the railway segment

At the age of 26 Giovanni di Sarno gives life to Di Sarno Srl, which opens its doors in the historic factory of Gesa srl in 1987 to produce panels for the aeronautics. The business develops and Aeromar Srl was born in 1992.
The exclusive specialization in the tramway segment takes place starting from 2009, the year of birth of Gesa Industry Srl. Over the years, the company has been able to accompany all the decisive and important progresses in the railway sector by placing itself as a partner of the most important international brands in the railway sector.

Entrepreneurial strategy

Thanks to the continuous research on materials, the careful study of the passenger's needs and the use of production and control technologies that are always at the forefront, Gesa Industry responds effectively to the requests of the national and international market, positioning itself as a partner and reference point for the great brands of the railway sector.

The company's evolution has led Gesa Industry to an important reengineering of business processes: internalization of new workflows, design and development, engineering of production systems and structural and physical expansion of the operating offices.

With the acquisition of the “Ansaldo Trasporti” brand, the company has started a new path of growth and laid the foundations for new forms of international success in the railway industry sector.
In 2018 a project began that gave life to MEGRAIL ITALIA SRL and MEGRAIL MOROCCO SARL (both 34% owned) to exploit the following collateral micro-businesses: spare parts marketing, logistics services, upgrading of on-board systems, refurbishment / overhaul undergoing major maintenance.
The internalization of new production processes and technological design projects Gesa Industry into a new operational and technological scenario with advanced interconnected and modular production systems that allow flexibility and performance for a leading position on the reference market.
Gesa Industry has strengthened the spirit of entrepreneurship by acquiring the historic “Ansaldo Trasporti” brand, a maneuver that allows it to operate with greater control over the design and implementation phases of new advanced technological projects in the driving and towed material sector.
The company constantly works to monitor and identify emerging technologies and provide a contribution to exploration projects by investing in advanced infrastructures and technologies. The acquisition of the new brand is the beginning of a new challenge for which Gesa Industry is preparing to reach new growth objectives.


know-how and quality

Customer-oriented high quality standards, compliance with delivery terms, production flexibility and dynamism, technical know-how from the high-tech aerospace sector, financial solidity, family participation and credibility of relations with stakeholders. This makes our company a safe partner to entrust with your projects. 


The driver of our success is identified in development, research, innovation and propensity for change. Adopting Advanced Manufacturing technologies means significantly increasing the capacity for differentiation, competitiveness and optimization of our production processes.


We have developed an organizational model and a work flow that values people and favors the sharing of responsibilities. Our training, being transversal to the business process, favors collaboration between all members of the company and the best results in the development of future projects.


Professional rigor in respecting the commitments made, the production capacity in terms of quality and efficiency and knowing how to compare and tap into new growth parameters. We believe in comparison and collaboration with our partners: projects and products are the synthesis of a comparison work that evolves and matures along the path of growth with our customers.

Attention to the environment

The  The principle behind each of our projects is not only to guarantee an excellent product to our customers, but also and above all the care and attention for the environment.
A quality product today for a better future tomorrow.
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