Productive Areas

Our operational areas are spaces in which we live and evaluate projects. Our ability to make a significant contribution to new technological solutions starts here.

Cut and fold

Cutting and folding represent the first phase of the Gesa Industry production process.
They are carried out through the use of recently acquired systems that guarantee the reliability and precision of the semi-finished product.

The arrangement of the machinery follows a layout aimed at optimizing the effectiveness of the production processes and allows an appropriate use of the working space.


The special continuous wire welding process, MIG / TIG, is carried out in compliance with current regulations and specific standards of the railway sector. The quality of the process and of the product is ensured through the use of skilled labor, trained through continuous consultancy with qualified companies in the reference sector.

The welding process represents a strong point for Gesa Industry which, consistent with the ambitious and fast growth project, managed to acquire, in a short time, the EN 15085 certification. 

Preparation and Painting

The possibility of using special powder and liquid painting technologies with separate and latest generation systems, favors operational flexibility and the ability to operate simultaneously with different types of material according to the specific technical reference.

In the area there are: a liquid painting plant of 24 square meters, a powder coating plant with booths, oven and overhead conveyor, 4 aspirated benches for the preparation of the products and a plant of 12 square meters for the preparation of paints.


The interior assembly phase is the most lead time in the railway vehicle construction process. The need to reduce the overall lead time for the assembly of railway vehicles, and at the same time to improve the quality of the product, pushes towards pre-assembled interior solutions integrated with the various electrical / pneumatic and technological systems on board. In this department we proceed to the final assembly of all the production details. Each project has its own specific assembly area, divided by shelves serving as a department store containing the semi-finished products and accessories necessary for the realization of the project.

It represents the final step in a long series of activities of a production process that Gesa Industry manages in specific departments for each project.  A path that determines the professionalism and the high quality standard of the production cycle.

Composite materials

We at Gesa Industry do not choose a material but we design "the material" for the development of our projects and for the satisfaction of our customers.

The thrusts of technologies are intertwined with those of new composite materials and weight becomes an important factor for the speed and operational efficiency of a train. 
We know that in the search for complex performances such as the railway sector, the use of composite material developed for that specific use is indispensable. 

The lightness of the components, the strength and stability of the materials are crucial in the construction of rolling stock and train interiors. Our studies and research have always aimed at achieving total quality.


Our technicians will be able to explain all our production processes in detail. 
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