Sustainable and Green Mobility, the Importance of Quality and Public Awareness of Railway

gesa industry green projects

Investments and experiments for the sustainable mobility of the future.

The current development of numerous sustainable and green mobility projects, which prioritize the use of renewable energy and material reuse, has become a challenge for companies looking towards innovative and mobility-compatible systems for our immediate future, in order to improve the safety, efficiency, reliability of infrastructure and services.

Gesa Industry’s Innovative Approach to Emerging Technologies

Gesa Industry invests energy and time in monitoring and identifying emerging technologies, contributing to exploratory projects, investing in advanced infrastructure and technologies, and not underestimating the potential and new ideas that can arise from continuous dialogue and deep collaboration with logistics and commercial partners.

Environmentally sustainable railway projects

Green projects: aurisina tunnel – Ronchi

The construction of the Aurisina-Ronchi tunnel: the importance of transparency in the national railway network policy.

The construction of the Aurisina-Ronchi tunnel and the subsequent public debate on the project, which concerns residents, has drawn national attention to the importance of making the policies of the national railway network known, understood, comprehended and shared. The Italian railway reality, supported by countless companies that express the idea of excellence at its best, is characterized by a program of works aimed at making the network more efficient, but which inevitably raises concerns in the territories where changes in the route and expropriation are difficult to accept.

Research and technological development for sustainable mobility: the challenge for the future.

Research and technological development for the environmental sustainability of railways are fundamental to explore innovative solutions and long-term scenario analysis. The real challenge is to capture the trend of variables that affect mobility to design interventions that meet the long-term transport needs, both by following sector innovations worldwide and by identifying new solutions applicable to the national context.

Sustainable Mobility for Resilient Infrastructures and Circular Systems

The goal is to respond to the growing mobility needs by contributing to the sustainable development of the country with resilient, interconnected, digitalized and accessible infrastructures, products and systems controlled throughout their life cycle, production and management processes focused on effectiveness, efficiency and circularity.


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