Innovation: 3 technologies that are making their way into the railway sector.

Innovation: 3 technologies that are making their way into the railway sector

Latest technologies in the railway industry.

In recent years, many technologies developed for other sectors have been integrated very efficiently into the railway industry, improving numerous aspects of it. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Interactive train windows

the first integration of this type of interactive windows was seen in the first prototype of the Hyperloop train (HTT).
The most remarkable feature of this train is its interactive touch-screen windows that would allow passengers to access information such as destination and high-profile events, time and date, temperature, train speed, and more.

new technologies for trains

Interactive train windows

Moreover, these interactive train windows offer the possibility to display high-definition images of the outside view, transforming the travel experience into an engaging visual and sensory experience.

In addition to the aesthetic aspect, the interactive train windows also offer a practical advantage for passengers. For example, displaying destination information allows passengers to better prepare for their arrival, knowing exactly when the train is about to reach their station.

The Hyperloop train windows.

The interactive train windows of the Hyperloop train are not only a novelty in the transport sector but also an example of how technology can improve the travel experience for passengers. These windows represent a great innovation and could pave the way for other similar applications in other transport sectors.

In summary, the interactive train windows of the train represent a technological innovation that offers an engaging and interactive travel experience for passengers, also improving practicality through the display of destination information.

Thermal imaging equipment.

These detection systems are equipped with high-tech thermal and visual equipment that allows maintenance teams to quickly cover vast areas and identify even the smallest defects in components or the surrounding environment. Equipment like this can significantly reduce the time and money spent on inspecting railway equipment to identify faults, allowing teams to quickly react to problems before they occur.

3D laser scanners

Laser 3D scanners are quickly being adopted in various industrial sectors and the railway industry is no exception. The German railway system is using 3D scanners to accurately measure tracks and effectively plan routes.
This technology has the ability to collect millions of measurable data points, from object dimensions to spatial relationships, very precisely and in a matter of seconds. This drastically reduces the time that would have been spent using old techniques, eliminates the possibility of collecting inaccurate data, and particularly helps in complex prevention projects that would otherwise not be technically feasible.

Gesa Industry keeps up with these technological developments.

Gesa Industry is constantly seeking innovation in this field and keeping up with technological advancements to offer its customers not only the highest quality but also the latest trends in the design of railway components and interiors.


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