The Importance and Relevance of Train Interior Furnishing Quality.

Gesa Industry specialises in the supply and production of interiors train


Design of public transport in Italy: attention to user comfort and quality of train interior furnishings.

Italy is one of those socioeconomic contexts that has been characterized by quality and high performance in the design of both public and private transportation since the beginning of the 1970s. At the core of business dynamics, we can identify the very idea of designing public transportation vehicles as User centred with the continuous goal of improving the quality of use and the quality of life for the user, paying particular attention to the aesthetic and practical needs of the customer in relation to different living conditions, social, economic, and geopolitical contexts. An aesthetic focused on functional comfort and educating the taste and behavior of travelers who pay attention and time every day to the quality of the interiors of public transportation The industrial landscape of companies that specialize in train interior design has seen a growing pursuit of perfection regarding the lighting aspect of trains, where artificial lightescapes through the windows

Train Interiors.

train interiors

Artificial lighting in the interior of trains: how Gesa Industry achieves excellence in railway furnishings.

Lowering the profile of openings has created advantages and pushed designers to place artificial light sources in locations and spaces where passengers can experience maximum tranquility during their journey. Good lighting compensates, even in terms of psychological pressure, for the progressive decrease in natural light. La realtà di Gesa Industry è caratterizzata dalla cura meticolosa di ogni singolo componente d’arredo. The production of a single “piece” requires meticulous precision coupled with the creation of components, technical realization, originality of components, and without forgetting the ease of assembly and the beauty of the carriages, which become essential elements for a company recognized as excellent in relation to train interior furnishings.

Gesa Industry: Customized Solutions for High-Quality Train interiors

Gesa Industry is recognized in the international market as an excellence in train interiors capable of making the journey comfortable, dedicating attention to the visual impact of customers and travelers who contribute to the very idea of enjoying the interior furnishings according to criteria of harmony and organicity.

Gesa Industry also stands out for its ability to offer customized solutions to meet the specific needs of its customers. Thanks to its experience in the sector and constant search for innovation, the company is able to offer a wide range of products and services for the design and construction of high-quality train interiors.

We collaborate with important players in the railway industry.

Attention to detail, artisanal precision, and the quality of materials used are fundamental elements that distinguish the work of Gesa Industry. The company collaborates with important players in the railway sector all over the world, offering customized solutions to meet the different needs of their customers. In this way, Gesa Industry contributes to making train travel a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all passengers.


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